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Looking For A Local Lawyer?

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A Search Will Take You To The State You Chose Where You Can Customize Your Query;

Some Lawyers Have Multiple Locations In Multiple Citys or States.

Note That Lawyers Must Be Liscensed State By State

So You Have To Use The State Where The Case Resulted To Find Lawyers That Can Practice In Your Area .

    Thinking Of Being Your Own Lawyer?

    Well, people in the legal profesion will tell you

    "it can't be done" "the person who represents himself has a fool for a client"

    "penny wise pound foolish"

    and many other similar stern warnings.

    But there are many reasons people may want to represent themselves which the legal profession has scant comebacks to;

    #1 The cost.

    While many areas have lawyers that have very reasonable retainer/hourly fees this is not the norm in many cases and places.

    $100-200-300 an hour charges are common . Despite all the Lawyers ,they rarely compete on price like most buisinesses; they just decline the case; which results in the interest in the topic here; "why do people represent themselves ?"

    #2 Lack of interest by lawyers in your case.

    If you live long enough you will almost always run into this one. Many Lawyers Like to keep it simple; DUI ,Divorce, House Closings,traffic tickets. Cases like that. They don't feel comfortabe "getting into" things that aren't cut and dried and that they haven't done before.

    #3 Want to save money

    #4 Small Claims

    Many people's only contact with court is in small claims court. Either as a plantif or a defendant.

    Again, good luck getting a lawyer interested in a small claims case. I think the minute you say small claims court they hear "Small Pay Court" and lose interest.

    I did find a national company that has a program for this.

    I came across this company because I could not find a local lawyer interested in helping me se in small claims court against a company that I was certain would come in with a legal team to defend itself. I have not used them yet so I can't vouch for there service ;but it is the first such product I have seen and it minght be worth checking out.

    [note; I am not compensated for this link]

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