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All Your Legal Needs

Looking For A Local Lawyer?

Check free here

A Search Will Take You To The State You Chose Where You Can Customize Your Query;

Some Lawyers Have Multiple Locations In Multiple Citys or States.

Note That Lawyers Must Be Liscensed State By State

So You Have To Use The State Where The Case Resulted To Find Lawyers That Can Practice In Your Area .

    Thinking Of Being Your Own Lawyer?

    Need to ask a legal question?

    It can be really stressful if you have a legal issue hanging over your head [or you have yourself convinced you do ]

    ...And it makes it hard to even sleep if it's a serious question.

    It doesn't hurt to ask for a second opinion on anything.

    But if it's a legal question; well that can be a big issue and a potential big mistake not finding out if what you Think is the law;

    actually is.

    While many areas have plenty of lawyers that are willing to give you a free consultation as a new client.

    and answer question...

    The idea is the lawyer is looking for new clients, and if it isn't going in that direction.

    they will quickly lose interest in answering a lot of legal questions

    Well I have been in this situation many times

    and I didn't know a local lawyer that I could just call up and ask the answer to my legal question.

    So just by accident; I came across a website which has a legal forum where lawyers will answer legal question for free online.

    Now the reason they do this is it's a way of getting new clients.

    And you do have to create a account to ask questions

    But I was happy to notice that I did not get a lot of spam marketing after setting up a account;

    Just notices that a lawyer had answered my question.

    You can usually get 2-3 answers from several lawyers using this site

    Anyway it's a place to start .

    [note; I am not compensated for this link]

    Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Send to: Editor -at- findlawyershere dot com

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